3 Things To Consider When Finishing Your Basement

If you’re lucky enough to have a basement, you probably know how invaluable that extra square footage can be. A basement is more than a concrete storage room: That precious space is an opportunity for building a retreat, an entertainment space, or even just an area to be a little messy without worrying the neighbors might pop in and see. However, basements have unique characteristics to account for during a renovation. Consider these three factors when planning your finished basement.

1. Plumbing Preparation

If you intend to spend much time downstairs, you probably want a bathroom included in your plans. Some basements have drains put in already, but many are lacking this necessary bit of plumbing. One simple solution is to have a grinder pump installed. This device pushes waste up to the level of your existing drains, allowing it to be whisked away by gravity. Ask your contractor about the right plumbing solutions for your situation.

2. Ceiling Height

Higher ceilings tend to make a space feel more inviting, but some basements are limited by low-hanging ductwork or drain pipes. This can be worked around by adjusting the height of the drywall around impediments, but this technique can lead to an uneven, choppy look. One great way to achieve higher ceilings in a finished basement is to choose an open ceiling layout. This means instead of having drywall added, the ceiling is painted and left open. Not only is this a stylish choice, but it also can make future plumbing or electrical modifications easier.

3. Flooring Type

Because basements are often targets of moisture and flooding, it is important to weigh flooring material choices carefully. Look for a luxury vinyl plank or another waterproof flooring, or have the existing concrete professionally stained for a budget-friendly, water-resistant option.

Getting a basement renovation can be exciting and fulfilling. Properly upgraded, a finished basement can increase your house’s value, add substantial living space and become a cherished personal oasis.