Your kitchen and bathroom are spaces within the home that first and foremost must be functional, clean, safe and efficient – and it doesn’t hurt if they look great, too! Your kitchen will especially be a focal point of the residence, welcoming guests as well as being a reflection of your family. Thus, with a kitchen renovation you want to ensure the end result is professional and exactly what you’re looking for.



There are many reasons to consider a kitchen and/or bathroom renovation. Both remodels will add increased function and efficiency to your home. You can design the space exactly to your needs and preferences whether it’s a complete remodel or a simple update. An updated bathroom and kitchen also adds increased value to your home and the return on investment can be fruitful should you decide to sell in the future. Furthermore, because these spaces can use significantly more resources such as water or energy than other rooms in the home, updating your kitchen or bathroom can help to improve the sustainability of your space – both good for the environment and you wallet.

Examples of our kitchen and bathroom renovation services include:

  •         Complete kitchen and bathroom renovations: Start again from scratch. Customize your kitchen and bathroom to be perfectly suited to your exact preferences and home requirements.
  •         Cabinetry: Choose between stock, semi-custom or custom cabinetry to give your kitchen or bathroom a fresh new look. Select between a variety of materials, styles and colors depending on which cabinetry option works for you – considering timeline, the space itself and budget.
  •         Countertops: Maximize your room’s function with strong and durable countertops. Choose from a number of materials and colors to make the space exactly your own.
  •         Flooring: From tile to wood and beyond – your floor is the foundation of the space and should be not only functional and sturdy but also add aesthetic appeal to your home.
  •         And more!

For more information on our kitchen and bathroom renovation services please don’t hesitate to call us today. With our years of professional experience we can cater to exactly your project needs to provide a top-quality result to add value, function and beauty to your home’s most commonly used spaces.

Have an idea for a kitchen or bathroom renovations that are not listed here? Please don’t hesitate to contact us today or leave us a message here. We can help to add the extra space you need to make your dream home a reality.


Are you outgrowing your current home? Looking to build on additional space to not only maximize your residence but also enhance its elegance and aesthetic appeal? A residential addition may be just what you’re looking for! Don’t go through the hassle of moving to a new place – simply customize your home to suit your special needs.


Our services include all stages of the process – planning out designs with your preferences and requirements at the forefront, estimating timelines and budgets as well as, naturally, the construction, maintenance and repair of your finished product.

Examples of residential additions include:

  •         Master bedroom additions: Create your own oasis away from the hustle and bustle of work, bills and responsibilities. This not only is an excellent addition when you’re living in the home, but adds great value should you decide to sell.
  •         Bathroom additions: Too many people getting ready in the bathroom each morning? Adding another bathroom to your home adds function and luxury – and we can help you with all of the important aspects of the process, from plumbing to fixtures and beyond.
  •         Second floor additions: Rather than move out, why not move up? Especially if you live somewhere with high land costs or don’t have an abundant amount of extra space, a second story addition is an excellent way to add more square footage without taking away from your outdoor space.
  •         Family room additions: Want a space where your family can relax all together? The kids can play without worrying about messing up the living room? A family room is the perfect addition to add comfort and convenience to your home where you can build memories to last a lifetime.
  •         Garage addition: The northeast is notorious for rough winter weather. Don’t get stuck scraping off your car each morning for another year! Adding a garage to your home will create extra storage space for all those items you don’t need year round as well as provide a clean and dry space to park your vehicles to make the morning commute just a little bit better.
  •         Patio/deck addition: Want to make your outdoor space more enjoyable? Adding a finished deck to your home is ideal for enjoying and relaxing on those beautiful summer days.
  •         Sunroom addition: A sunroom is the perfect addition to your home to give you (seemingly) outdoor access all year long. It’s a great spot to read a book on a chilly winter day or have a delightful dinner on a hot summer evening.
  •         In-law suites: Have family coming to visit for the holidays? Are you planning to have an older parent come to live with you? Create a space that is all their own – where you can both can have privacy while still being close enough to enjoy all the family moments together.
  •         Finished basement: Don’t let that precious extra basement space go to waste! Finish it off to create more extra footage for you and your family to get creative, entertain friends or even make a mess far enough away from the core of the home to not have to worry about it.
  •         New home building: Make your home totally customized to you with a new home build. This way you can have a say in exactly what goes in (and out!).


Have an idea for a kitchen or bathroom renovations that are not listed here? Please don’t hesitate to contact us today or leave us a message here. We can help to add the extra space you need to make your dream home a reality.


A deck or patio is the ideal way to create a useful outdoor space to be enjoyed by you and your family, as well as guests and neighbors. Whether you’re looking to start from scratch, renovate your existing, or repair an old deck on your home, we can provide you with the professional results you need to take your home’s exterior up a level. We can help you throughout the entire process – from design to installation, maintenance and repair.


Creating a custom deck will help you to maximize your home’s outdoor space and provide a sturdy place to enjoy a warm summer evening. With a great outdoor space, you and your family will be more than happy to get outside in the fresh air and can be a great segue onto a feature such as an outdoor pool. As well, adding a deck to your home can increase it’s value and provide a great return on investment. Decks can come in virtually an unlimited amount of materials, colors and styles to customize your home exactly to you.


  •         Deck design: Choose from a variety of materials such as pine, cedar, composite, vinyl and more depending on your climate, budget, taste and expectations of the space. We can help you to create designs that seamlessly flow from your home’s interior to the outdoor space.
  •         Installation of new decks: Start from scratch to improve your home’s exterior with our professional and high quality deck installation services.
  •         Deck renovation and repair: Whether you want to upgrade your existing or repair damages, we can help you to make your outdoor deck functional and fun for the whole family.
  •         Tearing down and removing old decks: Don’t let an old deck ruin your curb appeal. We’ll tear down, remove and clean up your old deck with ease – maybe to make space for a new one!

·         Deck cleaning: With extreme weather and use your deck can take a beating. Our professional cleaning services can help bring it back to life, making it look as stunning as the first day it was installed.

Don’t see the residential deck service you’re looking for here? Please feel free to contact us with any questions and concerns here. We’re here to make your outdoor space add function, elegance and value to your home.


Stone and cement are time-tested materials that can provide durable and reliable protection from the elements when properly installed, managed and maintained. At Ryans Home Improvement, we have extensive professional experience in both cement work and masonry. We are able to work with all types of buildings – both residential and commercial – whether the job be renovating and repairing a historic structure or constructing a modern building


Masonry work within you residential structure – such as brick, stone and block – adds a timeless elegance that is not only beautiful, but also adds durability and value to your home. These installations can be both in the interior or exterior and can help to create borders within your property, add aesthetic appeal to the space, and much more.

Some of the most common masonry materials include brick, concrete masonry units (CMU), precast and cast stone, natural building stone, limestone, thin brick and more.

Cement work within your home can also greatly increase aesthetic appeal – no it’s not just reserved for bland grey sidewalks! Stamped concrete can add texture to your space, while interior floor and stained concrete create a cool, modern design that is sturdy and affordable. Cement is a very versatile material and thus there are many possibilities to put it to use in new and innovative ways to reflect your home’s unique personality.


Both cement and masonry construction requires a great deal of technical knowledge and skill. We are here to help you throughout the entire process, from design to installation, maintenance and repair. As often cement and masonry work is subject to the outdoor elements, it’s vital to integrate factors such as water drainage, extreme exposure to sun, rain or wear from daily use into the design and construction of the project.

We’re also well experienced in cement and masonry repair – from complete replacement to repairs such as sagging walls, sinking porches, and so on.

Our residential cement and masonry services include:

  •         Driveways and sidewalks
  •         Walls & retaining walls
  •         Patios
  •         Ponds and waterfalls
  •         Landscaping
  •         Steps
  •         BBQ pits
  •         Fireplaces (both indoors and outdoors)
  •         Driveways,
  •         Garages
  •         Home additions
  •         Basements

·         And more!

Please don’t hesitate to contact us today for more information regarding our residential cement work and masonry services. Even if you’re potential project isn’t listed here, we’re more than happy to customize to each specific customer and will utilize all the tools at our disposal to ensure your end result is professional, high quality and on time.



Want to upgrade your home’s drab exterior? A great option is to invest in new residential siding or roofing. Our professional services promise timely, clean results with only the highest quality craftsmanship. With new and upgraded residential siding or roofing, you can increase insulation and thus reduce intense heat gains or losses in extreme weather and thus improve the energy efficiency of your home as well as enhance its appearance.


Replacing your siding is a relatively simple way to improve your curb appeal, enhance energy efficiency and perhaps even add some value to your home. Siding materials come in a wide variety – each with inherent pros and cons – considering cost, durability, aesthetics, and perhaps may also be dependent on your climate. When choosing the right siding for your residential project, these aspects are vital to consider. Additionally, you want to ensure that a professional with the required skills and knowledge for the project is able to get it done for you right for lasting strength and visual appeal.



  •         Vinyl: Vinyl is an incredibly popular and sturdy residential siding material. It adds the benefits of increased durability over other options as it does not rot or flake – a possibility when using cedar or wood siding. Additionally, it requires minimal maintenance and upkeep, comes in a variety of colors and is often the least expensive siding option.
  •         Cedar: For a timeless look, many American homeowners turn to cedar, or “shakes”, for their residential siding. Cedar shingles are often stained grey, brown or another natural color to seamlessly blend with the natural surroundings. Though cedar siding does require more upkeep than vinyl, it can easily outlast when properly cared for.
  •         Fiber cement: Fiber cement is an incredibly versatile material that can take on the appearance of wood, stucco or stonework at a fraction of the cost. The end result is also incredibly durable, fireproof, termite-proof and can last for many years.
  •         Metal: Metal siding, commonly made of aluminum or steel, is a great option to provide enhanced robustness to you home that isn’t particularly susceptible to the results of changing temperatures. Metal siding can also come in a variety of styles and textures to make your home uniquely your own.



A residential roof, similar to residential siding, needs to first and foremost protect your home and its inhabitants from extreme weather, wetness and wind. Often a residential roof is sloped, but it is also possible to have a flat residential roof. By opting to upgrade your current system, you can add not only visual appeal to your home, but also increase value should you decide to sell.



Residential roofs typically come in two styles – either three-tab or architectural shingle.

  •         Three-tab shingle: This style comes in one shingle size and shape that make a roof design that is a single, flat layer. Three tab shingles are typically thinner than architectural shingles and often have a shorter warranty. As well, a three-tab shingle roof is typically less expensive than an architectural shingle roof and are made of asphalt based, water-resistant material.
  •         Architectural shingle: The architectural shingle, also known as a laminated or dimensional shingle, is an increasing trend for homeowners today. Instead of a single flat layer made of equal sized shingles, the architectural shingle roof is made of a mixture of sizes and shapes to make a more textured, dynamic roof appearance. These are often made of water resistant asphalt, but recently new materials such as synthetic slate, simulated cedar wood shakes or other materials that take the appearance of slate while being more light weight are becoming popular. Architectural shingles are often heavier than the three-tab shingle and tend to be more expensive.

Would you like more information about our residential siding or roofing services? Please don’t hesitate to contact us today for more information.


Installing tile work in your home is the perfect way to enhance both its durability and visual appeal. Tile work is well tested as a sturdy material that can stand up to the daily wear caused by frequent use of your home’s most commonly used spaces such as the hallway, kitchen and bathroom with regular maintenance.

Tile comes in a wide selection of colors, styles and textures to be customized to each homeowner’s budget, taste and project requirements. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your flooring, countertops, backsplash, walls or shower, here at Ryans Home Improvement we have the expertise, skills and experience to make your dream home come alive. As well, should a tile become damaged, it can easily be replaced with a new one rather than having to remove the entire application of all the tiles.


  •         Ceramic: Ceramic is one of the most commonly used tile applications, perfect for all of your interior projects. When glazed, ceramic tiles become impervious to water and stains, making them great options to use for flooring, kitchen countertops, bathroom countertops and backsplashes. Ceramic tiles are often less expensive than other materials such as porcelain.
  •         Porcelain: Perhaps the most robust tile material is porcelain. It is incredibly dense and durable, ideal for both outdoor and indoor residential applications. As well, because the color of the porcelain tile is baked throughout the entire section, should the piece become chipped it will not be as easily visible as a ceramic tile in which the color is a coating. This option is often more costly than ceramic, but provides enhanced strength and versatility.
  •         Glass: One of the most versatile tile options is glass – which provides the options to choose between a wide selection of vibrant colors and design options. Glass tiles can be used as a backsplash, in the shower or wall and also as flooring. Glass is also relatively low maintenance and provides the added benefit of reflecting the light within your space – making it feel brighter, lighter and perhaps even bigger.

·         Natural stone: Examples of tiles made from natural stone include granite, marble, travertine, slate or limestone. These tiles typically offer enhanced aesthetic appeal over other materials, but are more susceptible to damage and less durable and able to withstand chipping or scratching.

Would you like more information about our residential tile services? Please don’t hesitate to contact us today for more information.