Consider Garages and Additions When Home Remodeling

Home remodeling is at an all-time high as people decide that staying in their house and adding to it is better financially than moving. Two of the most popular options are a garage addition and home extension. Not only does this allow for family growth and car parking, but families can create specialized rooms in the new areas such as media centers, game rooms, or even man caves. If you want to add value to your home, garages and additions are an easy way to do it.

Planning First

Before you begin your remodeling project, consider whether you want to connect the garage to your home, build above the garage addition, or add a room to the back or side of the house. Make sure you have ample space to create the project before your architect begins drawing the blueprints. Will you have a single garage door, or will the space require two doors? Will there be windows and doors within the garage, or will it be a self-contained area? Additionally, if you build a second story on the garage, will the stairs be inside or outside? Keep your budget in mind as you make these decisions.

Additional Thoughts

Additions come in all shapes and sizes because people have different ideas about where to add space. From a large walk-in closet to a new full kitchen and bedroom, homes can expand in any direction. The additions can extend the house over an existing deck or add space at the side of your home to create a family room. When you choose to extend your home, be clear about what you want, where the windows and doors should be, and how many outlets you want on the walls. It may all sound trivial when you are excited about the building project, but it can become frustrating if you want something you forgot to include.

After you have a rough draft of your options available, give yourself a few days and then check the garage addition and home extension drawings out again. You may be surprised at how differently you can feel about the rooms from one day to the next. Plan ahead to make your house a forever home.