Distinct Tile Designs That Could Suit Your Home

Finding ways to be creative in your home has become harder and harder these days as furnishings are being mass produced and overstocked at an alarming rate. However, there are still unique ways to add a bit of charm and character to your home that emulate your rich and authentic style without immediately looking cookie-cutter. In fact, designing your kitchen countertops or bathroom countertops in any number of beautiful and stylish tile designs is a fashionable way to avoid the granite fatigue seen across today’s modern homes. Here are some fresh and distinct tile designs you can use in your living space that will suit your home better than carbon copies.

The Marblesque ‘Statuary Eden’ Tile

Perfect for bathroom floors, accent walls or countertop surrounds, this white tile with grey veining within is a lovely addition to any home. It displays a very similar look to white marble, especially with the dazzling gray ingrained in its coloring, but it has the lighter weight of porcelain. This makes it less heavy-looking in its overall design if used as an accent style, as opposed to the one giant slab version of marble often used on countertops.

The Warm ‘Grigio Watercolor Porcelain’ Tile

The pleasant nature of this kind of tile works wonders for kitchen countertops, giving off a warm, soothing quality that can be great in larger portions of a room. Different colors including darker grays or light grays, taupes and mild pinks can be seen in these tiles’ striations, depending on the chosen style. 

The Rustic ‘Taupe Celeste’ Tile

Bring a little natural splendor into your master suite with the rustic wooden design of this tile. An essential find for bathroom countertops, this can make your favorite space in the home look like a genuine spa retreat.  

If you want a new and creative idea for your kitchen countertops or your bathroom countertops that isn’t already on the cover of every interior decorating magazine, opt for any one of these distinct tile designs to suit your unique style.