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From the Den to the Desk


Working from home has grown in popularity over the last few years, as technology and gig employment has revolutionized what office work really looks like. For those who are free to work from the comfort of their living room, it can be distracting to focus on the task at hand. A dedicated office space isn’t always available within your home’s layout, but with the help of a professional and some creativity, there are many areas of potential when looking into office renovations.

Technology Keeps It Connected

When you decide to re-create a space as an office, you must give careful thought to the influence of technology on your ability to work. You will need to consider the internet or phone connections, but you will also need to have enough outlets available for the equipment that will be connected. Between computers, printers, modems and office accessories, create a space that will support the digital and technical devices you will need to stay in contact with your company.

Maximize Space With Vertical Shelving

When you contract with a professional designer and builder for your office renovations, you will be able to craft a personalized space. Even if you think the space is small, working vertically by adding custom built bookcases or shelving units can bring a lot of storage to your space. A contractor can also add walls to diminish a space and make it more conducive to your office layout. This may allow you to have a door installed for increased privacy and a quiet workspace.

Keep It Functional

If you are looking through plans for custom office renovations, don’t forget about things like lighting and temperature. Office furniture is always important as well, but the priority should be a space that is functional and supportive for your position or tasks. Design your space first and accessorize second. An expert opinion can get you started.