Finding a qualified commercial contractor can be somewhat of a challenge. Whether it’s redesigning your office layout or completing major structural construction, partnering with the right firm is essential to the success of your project.

If this is your first time, the best thing to do is start your search early. Search online searches through reliable sources, seek assistance from your network, ask other business owners in your area, and be sure to interview the contractors until you’re satisfied with a candidate. Do not let price be the only deciding factor.

The key to finding the right person or team for a job is starting your search as early as possible.

Here are the 3 keys to finding the right contractor for your project.


The first part of your search focus should be on finding contractors with the appropriate licenses for your state or local jurisdiction. It is not worth the risk to your company if the contractor does not possess the necessary licensing. Searching the internet and the databases of relevant organizations to confirm the licensing status of all potential contractors.

Communication Skills

You should expect upper-level communication skills from your commercial contractor. The best contractors understand the need to maintain an open line of communication with their clients. This includes, but not limited to, communications related to project requirements status updates and potential risks to the project. Given the likelihood that the contractor may have to interact with other parties in your absence, you should be confident that they’re able to properly relay relevant information between you and the other party.


Do everything you must to confirm that the contractor has the necessary experience to complete the job. This includes your interview process as well as searching the internet, contacting their references and if possible, their previous clients. Since this isn’t a position where you can offer training, the contractor must prove that they are able to complete the job starting day one.

Don’t be afraid to do an exhaustive search. Finding the right commercial contractor can be the difference between a completed project and a successful project.