Steps To Take When Building a New Deck

A new deck is a great way to add value to your home and make your backyard space more pleasant and perfect for entertaining guests. You need to work with a quality deck builder to get exactly what you want out of your design. Follow these steps to get the deck of your dreams.

Research Area Builders

The first step to getting a great deck is to choose the right deck builder to manage and complete the project. Start by researching different deck building contractors in your area. Ask to see examples of their work and learn more about their process and pricing.

Determine the Deck’s Position

Next, determine where you would like your deck to be built. The most common place is against a home’s back door. This places the deck in your backyard and makes it easy to go in and out of your home and entertain. Some decks are freestanding in the backyard if there isn’t a secondary exterior door available.  

Choose the Style and Size

You must also work with your builder to choose the size and style of your deck. Consider your entertaining needs and your family’s lifestyle when thinking about the size of your new deck. For style, you need to choose the construction materials for your deck, such as treated wood, lumber, composite, concrete or stone.

Consider Upgraded Features

Some homeowners like to incorporate other conveniences in their deck builds, such as electrical outlets, music and lighting. These add-ons cost extra, but they can also add value and beauty to the home’s backyard.

Add the Finishing Touches

The last part of building a new deck is to choose the furniture and layout of your new entertaining space. Pick patio furniture that is durable and easy to clean.  

Starting a new deck project means you’ll need to make some big decisions about the look and function of this addition to your home. Work with your deck builder to get a quality deck that you will enjoy for years.