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Things To Consider Before You Remodel Your Basement


Remodeling a basement can additional space in a home and add to its value. Before embarking on a basement remodeling project, here are three things homeowners should take into consideration.


How Will the Basement Be Used?

Depending on its size, there may be many ways the space in a basement can be used. It may be used as an extra bedroom or as an additional master suite. Other uses can be as a recreation room or children’s playroom. Some homeowners may even use their basements as apartments, either for rental or for additional family members.


The intended use of the remodeled basement can affect the extent of the renovations needed. For instance, turning a basement into a recreation room or playroom may be less extensive than adding a master suite or apartment with bathrooms that may require plumbing relocation.


Is There Enough Headroom?

One of the last things that a homeowner may want to face may be a completed renovation on a basement that has ceilings that are too low for people to stand upright. Some homes may be built with ductwork, pipes and wires running under the floors. In homes with basements, these may be exposed and hang low throughout the ceiling area of the underground room. Some basements may be too low for people to stand after the exposed wires, ductwork, etc. are covered with a ceiling.


Identify Moisture and Hazardous Material Issues

An inspection of the basement to identify dampness or the existence of mold and fixing those issues can prevent damage to your newly remodeled basement. Depending on the age of the home, the basement could also contain hazardous material such as asbestos and lead. These materials may require specialized processes for safe removal.


Homeowners may want to hire a licensed professional to handle their basement remodeling project. A professional can conduct the necessary examinations of your basement and provide recommendations on the best way to proceed with your renovations.