Tips For Choosing the Best Sunroom For Your Home

A sunroom addition to your home can provide you with an increased home value and a multipurpose living space where you can read, study, workout or cook. Here are some things to know before you hire a builder for your Four Seasons sunroom construction.

Know The Type of Sunroom You Want

Sunrooms can be built in four different main styles. A straight style is the most basic and least expensive addition, while the curved style has a wall that curves up to meet your house. For additional light and an airy atmosphere, you may want to choose a cathedral style that boasts a vaulted ceiling. If you love houseplants, you may want to consider the conservatory style, which has a ceiling made of glass.

Know Your Windows

Four Seasons Sunroom construction typically uses a special type of window glass with advanced technology that can help keep the temperature regulated throughout the year. The coating of titanium and silicon dioxide particles helps repel dirt, which means less cleaning for you. Regular windows in a sunroom would allow hot and cool air to pass through more readily. Having insulated sunroom-specific windows can help keep your energy bill low.

Protect Your Investment

A Four Seasons sunroom comes with a warranty, so make sure you know the specifics of what it covers. It should include full glass breakage for a certain amount of time and a seal replacement guarantee for many years to come. When you build a sunroom addition, you want to ensure you’re protected from any damage that happens because of construction faults.

Your local builder will be knowledgeable about all of the building code laws and regulations, which makes them a great resource for questions you may have. They can also direct you to local resources if you have questions they can’t answer. An inspector will make sure your sunroom is up to code once it’s finished.