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Using Precast Construction to Build Something Unique


When most people think of precast construction, more commonly known as prefab construction, they think of replicated homes. After all, this replication is what has allowed prefab builders to provide cost-effective building solutions over the years. However, technological advancements now allow for several customizations. Customers can typically select from various floorplans, wall colors, floor types, roofing material and other key aspects that make their home unique.

High-Quality Materials

In the past, prefabs were associated with lower-quality homes. Almost always, trailer homes in disrepair came to mind. These days, some of the world’s most extraordinary homes are prebuilt and then assembled on site from the California desert to Swiss mountains. In order to keep up with high-end clienteles’ demand for high-quality materials, architects and builders have worked together to improve the materials used. Even precast concrete is now used in the construction of prefab buildings.

Tackling Challenging Terrain

Sometimes homeowners request home constructions or improvements in difficult landscapes. Whether the land is not easily accessible by road or the weather is not conducive to building on site, precast construction is the solution. In these instances, builders construct either home additions or entire houses and then transport them to the site. They may then use a crane to assemble the pieces, which can be completed in as quickly as a day. Sometimes the home is delivered completed and just needs to be sited.

Providing Additional Living Space

One of the most common uses of prefab construction in America is creating additional dwelling units. Whether homeowners use these for vacation rentals, guest suites or long-term rented apartments, prefab construction can save them time and money. Homeowners may enjoy their property hassle-free and noise-free while the ADU is built elsewhere. Then, it is properly installed onsite and is often ready for immediate use.

There are many ways to use precast construction to build a unique home or living space. As more builders experiment with materials and new technology, such as 3D printing, homeowners can expect several new options to become available in the next few years.